CA Prop 65   
The Diamond Line decorates glassware and ceramic using materials that comply with current FDA guidelines. However, California has chosen to enforce its own additional standards as defined in Proposition 65. Proposition 65 requires warning notices on products that may contain any amount of any one of over 700 substances. This legislation does not ban any product, but requires either COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW or THE USE OF INDIVIDUAL WARNING LABELS.
COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW (No labels required)
The Diamond Line has alternative ink processes that do NOT require Proposition 65 warning labels.
We have Zinc based ceramic inks. These can be used for direct screen printing or decal application. Please note that Zinc based colors lack the gloss and durability of standard ink colors, and if used in repeat orders the colors may not match exactly.
We have organic based colors that are fired at a lower temperature. Items decorated with organic inks are less resistant to scratches and are not as durable as high fired ceramic inks.  We keep up with the latest products on the market and are able to produce vibrant colors and perfect registration
Sublimation is a full color process but it does have less durability and is more susceptible to scratches.
The Diamond Line continues to offer low lead, high gloss ceramic enamels for those who require them, which will require warning labels on all products shipping into California. It is the distributor's responsibility to notify The Diamond Line in advance of shipments to California or eventual indirect shipments to California. If any distributor or end customer knowingly or unknowingly sells product distributed in to the state of California and does not notify The Diamond Line in advance, the distributor and/or the end customer will hold The Diamond Line harmless for all liability for alleged Proposition 65 violations, including any and all costs associated with defending any legal claims due to Proposition 65 violations.

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